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Why is Google Maps Critical For Local Businesses?

Mobile search is bigger than ever, with more people now performing internet searches using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) instead of computers. As you might expect, people who do a mobile search for a business in their area usually want to fill an immediate need. Google designed the Maps pack to display local businesses that meet a searcher’s needs, with Maps listings appearing at or very near the top of Google search results.

If your business appears in the Maps, you have a shot at getting the searcher’s attention. However, Google employs a different algorithm to generate Maps results than it does for organic results. An optimized business website is no longer enough to get your business the local exposure it needs.

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Please feel free to call us today and we would be happy to set up a personal meeting with you by phone or video to go over some possible strategies to boost your Google My Business to the top. 

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